2014 RESPECT Program, Estancia High School

2014 RESPECT Program, Estancia High School

Real-life Education for Self Protection Empowering College-bound Teens

Mission Statement

The mission of the RESPECT Program is to provide real-life education and training for young adults who are preparing to leave small, rural communities to attend college or work in an urban environment.  Our goal is to empower them to make well-informed decisions to avoid dangerous, life-changing pitfalls or when faced with at-risk behaviors.


Schedule of Events


Monday, March 10 (Boys-morning walk to Estancia Community Center, afternoon at EHS; Girls-all day at EHS)

  • Senior Boys (morning):  Self-defense Training by SSG Hamman, US Army
  • Senior Girls (morning):  Self-defense Training by Ike Ensey, Senior Investigator, 7th Judicial DA’s Office
      • Assisted by: Officer Tarrell Smith, Estancia PD
      • GT Rinaldi, US Army
      • SGT Robertson, US Army
  • Senior Boys & Girls (afternoon):  Periods 5-6 Automotive Care – Emergency & Maintenance by
      • Troy Coburn, Owner of Coburn Auto
      • Assisted by:  David Johnson
      • Matthew Akridge


Tuesday, March 11 (Boys-morning bussed to District Court, afternoon at EHS; Girls-all day at EHS)

  • Senior Boys (morning):  Mock DWI Arrest & Hearings  Participants: 
      • Matt Page, Magistrate Judge
      • Clint Wellborn, District Attorney
      • Bob Case, Chief Deputy DA
      • Ray Sharbutt, Deputy DA
      • SGT Jeff Burke, NM State Police
      • Officer Dean Carroll, NM StatePolice
      • Officer Jolene Jones, NM State Police
      • Officer Jonathan White, NM State Police
      • Kathy Reyes, Community Monitoring
      • Betty Summers, Summers Bail Bonds
      • John Marcelli, State Farm Insurance
      • Felicia Wright, District Court
  • Senior Girls (morning):  Self-defense Training Continued
  • Senior Boys & Girls (afternoon):
    • Period 5
      • Practical College Student Banking 101 by Alyssa Shanley, UNM Graduate Bachelor of Science in Secondary Math Education
    • Period 6
      • Brainstorm by Michael Barker, Torrance County Teen Court


Wednesday, March 12 (Boys & Girls at EHS)

  • Senior Boys (morning):  First Aid/First Responder Training by SSG Diaz, US Army Medic
  • Senior Girls (morning):  Self-defense Training Continued
  • Senior Boys & Girls (afternoon):
    • Period 5 911 – What to Do by
      • Dorothy Rivera, 911 Director
      • Ben Daugherty, 911 Supervisor
      • Bobbi Brown, 911 Dispatcher/Community Outreach
    • Period 6 Brainstorm by
      • Michael Barker


Thursday, March 13 (Boys & Girls at EHS)

  • Senior Boys & Girls (morning):  
    • Period 1
      • Girls: Defensive Dating by Josie Richards, Victims Advocate
        • Assisted by:  Ike Ensey, Senior Investigator
      • Boys:  Media Literacy by Michael Barker
    • Period 2
      • Change Classes
    • Period 3
      • Girls: Drug & Alcohol Awareness by Tarrell Smith, School Resource Officer
      • Boys: Can You Safely Attend a Party? by Janice Barela
    • Period 4
      • Change Classes
  • Senior Boys & Girls (afternoon):
    • Period 5
      • Final Advice by Audie Brown, Superintendent, Estancia Municipal Schools
    • Periods 6 Brainstorm by Michael Barker


Friday, March 14 (Boys & Girls bussed to Perpetual Tears Memorial, Moriarty, free lunch included)

  • Senior Boys & Girls:  DWI Obstacle Course & Field Sobriety Tests by: Officer Tarrell Smith, Estancia PD
        • Sheriff Heath White, TCSO
        • Undersheriff Marty Rivera, TCSO
        • Sergeant Jeff Burke, NMSP
        • Officer Dean Carroll, NMSP
        • Officer Jonathan White, NMSP
        • SGT Rinaldi, US Army
        • SGT Robertson, US Army
        • Town of Estancia Public Works
    • Tour of Law Enforcement Helicopter by Sheriff Heath White, TCSO
    • Lunch-Shorty’s Pizza, sponsored by Ed & Dorothy Sandoval, Ted & Janice Barela
    • Presentation by Mark Richards & Family:  lost daughter in DWI crash,  founder of My Ashleah, a non-profit organization honoring Ashleah I. Richards and bringing awareness to the consequences of drinking and driving
    • Marking of the Field by Estancia High School Class of 2014
    • Presentation of Awards by Janice Barela


Scholarship Opportunity

Ted and Janice Barela will provide a $500.00 scholarship to an Estancia High School senior boy or senior girl who actively participates in every day of the RESPECT Program. This scholarship is paid directly to the student upon both the successful completion of his/her first semester of college/trade school and his/her enrollment for the second semester. The scholarship application will be available in Mrs. Lisa Gardner’s office.


Past Scholarship Recipients:

Robin Jones (2010)

Rose Daniel (2011)

Aylissa Lujan (2012)

Jason Barber (2013)


Sponsors in Order of Appearance


Financial Donations:

Troy & Angela Coburn

Ed & Dorothy Sandoval

Michael & Linda Stogner

Ted & Janice Barela


Time, Talents, Facilities and/or Equipment:

Torrance County Treasurer’s Office

Torrance County DWI Program / Teen Court

Seventh Judicial District Attorney’s Office

Estancia Police Department

Town of Estancia

US Army

Coburn Auto

Torrance County Magistrate Court

New Mexico State Police

Torrance County Sheriff’s Office
Corrections Corporation of America

Summers Bail Bonds

State Farm Insurance – John Marcelli, Agent

Seventh Judicial District Court

Alyssa Shanley

Torrance County 911 Dispatch Center

Substance Abuse Prevention Taskforce

Estancia Municipal Schools

Town of Estancia Public Works Department

Memorial of Perpetual Tears

Mark Richards, My Ashleah

Shorty’s Bar-b-cue