Honor Her


Women of all ages are tough, have been for generations. We all know that woman…the woman who leaves us in awe as we listen to her story. Sometimes, she may not say a word, but we still see it. We see her strength, courage and determination. When faced with adversity, she musters up tenacity, creativity, feistiness and often a beautiful calmness as she lives out her faith, all designed to help her overcome whatever life throws at her. We see her boldly stand up for those she loves and causes she believes in. We see her all around us. She is a grandmother, wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter, aunt, niece, cousin, co-worker, someone who we just met or someone whose life we quietly watched for years. Often, she is our hero. The Honor Her Medal was designed and created with this woman in mind. Similar to a military medal of honor, this medal acknowledges the tough battles she endured, her courage and strength shown through the battles. She is worthy of great respect, admiration, gratitude for her example and to know her story matters. She is worthy of honor.


The mission of Honor Her is to help create a culture of honor among women through personal connection, mentorship, encouragement and gratitude. We desire to show women their stories matter, they are valuable, they are appreciated and they are seen.